Monday, 26 September 2011

Priest 3D Review

Priest is a 90 minute movie that follows the story of ex-vampire killer Warrior Priest (Paul Bettany) as he sets off on a quest to find his niece that was kidnapped by the evil ex-priest and now human-vampire Black Hat (Karl Urban). The story is pretty basic, and is set in an alternate world after an apocalypse where vampires and humans have been fighting and ended up destroying the world around them. A bit more could have been done to explain the story, because it seemed kind of rushed: It was just a 2 minute comic strip at the start with commentary, explaining why the Priests have been forced into exile.

The 3D looks amazing in places, mainly battle scenes where there is blood flying out at you and a train explosion. But otherwise it just gets kind of annoying because the majority of the movie is showing Priest and his sidekicks motoring across the desert at 200 km per hour on futuristic motorcycles, the head of the church complaining about Priest's rebel attitude, and Black Hat torturing and abusing Priest's niece. The reality is that aside from a few spectacular moments of 3D awesomeness, I am just sitting in a movie theatre, watching a vampire movie with uncomfortable glasses. The movie ends kind of abruptly as well, after the vampires are killed, Priest goes back to the city, has a hissy-fit at the head of the church, and rides of into the distance like a Batman scene.

Priest is a good idea if you are looking for some gory, fantastical vampire killings, but if you are a huge fan of soppy love stories, mysteries and you happen to like vampires, I suggest you stick with Twilight.

3 stars out of 5.


  1. This is an amazing review - so much so that I have tried to google around to find where you copied it from; your writing is very sophisticated. You described the plot of the movie and integrated your thoughts about it very well. I saw this movie, but not in 3d, so I didn't have the special effects to make it more appealing :(

  2. I didn't copy it, only for the cast.

  3. I know you didn't - my google search was fruitless. This is really good writing, every time I get a writing assessment from you I am impressed with the quality of it.