Sunday, 23 October 2011

If I Could Change The School I Would

There are a few alterations that I would make to the school if I was given the opportunity. They include additions to the school area, changes to the internet and changes to the uniform.

Firstly I would put in another school gymnasium, because one isn't enough sometimes. For example when the U15 Basketball team had training sessions on Monday afternoons, they would end up having to share the gym with the girls netball team, when they really needed to use the whole gym for their drills. I believe that this would benefit the school in the following ways: more active P.E sessions for rainy days, more facilities to use for sports, and being able to have two games of indoor sport going at the same time.

I would also change the internet sites that are blocked. The school is far too pedantic about this, because some of the only sites you can actually use at school for research are wikipedia, and very few others that have somehow not become victims to the filter system. This would benefit the school and its students by allowing more resources for research when the few unblocked sites aren't enough. It would also benefit the students by allowing them to not be scrolling through 20 pages of Google results to find a bit of information about their project.

I would also change the uniform rules by introducing a new rule: NO SCHOOL UNIFORMS. Every day would be mufti day. I think it would give students an opportunity to express themselves through the clothes they wear and give them the freedom to wear warm clothes on cold days. Also students would not be under siege by teachers about shoes or shirts if they do not have correct uniform on for whatever reason.


  1. Good points made in your first two paragraphs.
    I would like to see you revise your last paragraph - it isn't formal enough and ruins the tone of what you have written. Change sentences such as - "or some other preachy thing like that" and "giving people an excuse to rip on their peers"

  2. Oh, and you still need to put the piece up about your holiday too :)