Monday, 3 October 2011

The Internet Is Safe

The internet is a very new tool, first being commonly used around 1996. There are lots of arguments regarding the internet's safety, and in my view, the correct argument, is that the internet is safe. IF... you use it correctly.

The internet is home to BILLIONS of sites containing articles, pictures, videos, downloadable content and much more. Most of these sites are not harmful to your computer, but a few of them can give your computer viruses that threaten the function of said computer. However, these viruses can be easily determined useless if your computer has a firewall. A firewall is just a device that will stop anything harmful from entering your computer's hardware.

There are many sites on the internet that people use to socialize and entertain themselves. Some of these sites include Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and many more. Some people say that these sites are "unsafe". I say that those people are ignorant and stupid because on ALL of these sites, it is optional to put information such as your address, phone number, photos, or even your interests. Plus, even if you DO put this information about yourself on the internet, there are privacy settings that you can alter at the push of a button, so that only an approved list of people can see your information. Also, on these websites, you have to be a certain age to use them, and by the time you reach that age, you should know not to add a person called "niceguy101" with a picture of a heart or a 40 year old man smiling as a friend.

Another point about internet safety is people spending money online with shopping and downloads. To buy stuff on websites and online shops, you need to have an account. So why would people make an iTunes account, if they don't intend on buying songs and apps off iTunes. Plus, to make these accounts, you need to put your credit card details up (which people can't see) and if a 7 year old kid has a credit card, then its his fault that he has to pay it off at the end of the month. Also, if a kid doesn't have a credit card, he will need his parents details, and will most likely have to ask for their approval. And if the parents approve, then it is okay to do it as long as you have the sense not to overspend and send your family into bankruptcy.4

In conclusion, if used properly, the internet is a safe and exciting place where people can get hours of enjoyment from. For anti-internet activists, stop living in the 1900s and accept that the internet has SAFETY OPTIONS that make the experience SAFE.


  1. Very good - this is well thought out and explained. It is easy to read and you make some very good points. Impressive :)

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    Enjoy the last couple of days off :)