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Christmas is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It takes place on the 25 December every year, and is a time for family, giving, sharing and caring for one another.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, which happened over 2000 years ago. But the celebration of Christmas did not start as soon as Jesus was born, or even as soon as he died. Exchanging gifts and decorating trees were already a part of end of year celebrations that were around before Jesus was born. These traditions, however were incorporated into Christmas and became part of the holiday.
The Ancient Romans had an annual celebration to honor their god: Saturn. This festival was called Saturnalia. It began in the middle of December and finished on the first day of January. The Roman people would decorate their homes and trees with garlands and candles. They would also visit their friends and neighbors houses and have great feasts and exchange gifts. This is believed to be the origin of the gift giving aspect of Christams, as the Romans did it between friends and family to promote good luck.
The tradition of the Christmas tree is believed to have originated from a Scandinavian tradition. This was called Yuletide, and during the winter there would be a few days when the sun would not shine. The Scandinavians would burn a Yule log in a special fire, which everyone would gather around and feast. Some people would tie and hang apples from trees to remind themselves that spring and summer were returning soon. The Christmas tree is thought to have evolved from this ritual.

Christmas is celebrated as a huge festival and a public holiday in many countries around the world. This includes many countries whose population is mainly non-Christian. Celebrations in Christian minority countries  such as China and Japan include gift-giving, house decorations, Christmas trees and a Christmas dinner. In most of these countries Christmas is not an official public holiday. In countries where there are a lot of Christians, Christmas is celebrated in mostly the same way, except they have religious duties such as praying to God and Jesus, and other religious services. In Catholic countries, people will hold religious parades in the days leading up to Christmas. In other countries, parades will be held featuring Santa Claus and/or
Father Christmas, reindeer and elves. Family reunions, Christmas carols and gift giving is a main aspect of Christmas for most people, however, celebrations of Christmas can vary around the world.
My family celebrates Christmas at home, the beach house, or grandparents house. Our whole family comes to the event, we exchange gifts, talk, have a big Christmas dinner for lunch, and relax for the rest of the day.

Rules and Regulations:
There are not many rules that Christmas has, because it is celebrated in many different ways. It mainly just takes place on the 25 December every year, and is a time for sharing, caring and family.

Who Celebrates Christmas?
Although Christmas is originally a Christian holiday, it is celebrated by a high number of non-Christians worldwide. It is celebrated in countries all over the world, from Asian countries, to South American countries, to just about anywhere in the world. It is a massive holiday, and is known by almost everyone in the world.

 Santa Claus shown above, delivering toys to children on Christmas Eve, a modern Christmas tradition.

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