Tuesday, 29 November 2011

School Survival Guide

To any year 8s who are starting school at Alfriston College next year, it will be a big change from primary and intermediate schooling. There are 100 minute sessions of 3 classes each day, and twice a week you will have an option class for 50 minutes. The schedule is repetitive, and you will have most classes twice a week.

While the school does provide lockers in the school buildings, not many people use them, most students carry their equipment around in their schoolbags. You will only need the books for the subject that you are taking on a particular day. You are allowed to bring iPod's and phones, but can only listen to them sometimes in class. On the first day, do not make the stupid mistake of bringing all of your equipment to school because you will NOT need it. just bring refill and a pencil case with stationary in it.

Alfriston College embraces the Maori culture, and it shows. The school house idea that most primary and intermediate schools have is basically the same here at Alfriston College. It is slightly different though, there are five houses, but they are not called houses, they are called Whanau. Their names are Auaha, which is purple, Kaitoro which is green, Tirohanga which is blue, Whainga which is red and Kaitataki which is yellow. Every whanau has their own slogan, for example Auaha has Kia Kaha which means "be strong". Whichever whanau you are in, you will be expected to represent and support them in many inter-whanau sporting activities, and wear your whanau's t-shirt for P.E.

At Alfriston College there is a book that seems to be SO IMPORTANT that you just CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT. This book is called a diary, and again relates to whanau because the colour of the diary is the whanau that you are in. You are expected to write reflections of each lesson in the diary, but most people do it only if the teacher, oops, learning leader tells you to. It is also a permission slip to leave a classroom. Without a diary, you cannot go to the toilet, or go to a music lesson or anything like that. It is also used to collect commendations that can help your whanau gain house points to win the competition between the five whanau. A commendation is given for showing one of the Independent Learning Qualities (ILQ) that are displayed on the wall of each and every classroom.

Overall, life at Alfriston College is pretty straightforward once you get used to it. The schedule that every student keeps to is repetitive, but it makes it easier to remember what and where your next class is, and you might as well get used to it at AC, because you will be there for the next five years of your life.

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  1. Good advice, thanks for completing this weeks task. Once again your writing is clear, easy to read and well structured.