Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Kony 2012 Opinion Piece

I personally think that it is a little bit strange that everyone (particularly the U.S.A) is making a huge deal about Joseph Kony now. After all, his crimes have been going on for what, 26 years? Isn't it even a tiny coincidence that not very long ago, oil was discovered in Uganda?

Don't get me wrong, the poor children that Kony has captured NEED to be rescued as soon as possible. I just wonder why no one picked up on his crimes, or cared about them twenty years ago. I do believe that people care about the kids being kidnapped and becoming soldiers and sex slaves, but I also think that Barack Obama sent the U.S Military out to stop Kony so that America could get their hands on all of the oil. Think about it, why would America want to send their army out to Uganda, to stop a despicable man from committing crimes. It would have absolutely no benefit to the U.S.A whatsoever, which is why they were so keen on not sending the troops out in the first place. The video states that they sent the troops out because the people wanted them to, but I think it goes deeper than that.

Oil was also discovered in Iraq before the Americans invaded the country. George Bush ordered an invasion of Iraq in 2001, six months before September 11. The official reason was to improve access to Iraqi oil.
It is the same thing in Uganda, in October 2011, the U.S had already deployed small forces to Northern Uganda to battle the LRA. Just before all this happened, there was an absolutely massive oil strike in Uganda.

That is my opinion on the Kony 2012 campaign. I do believe that the children need to be saved, and Kony needs to be arrested or killed, but I also think that this should have happened a long time ago, and not after an oil discovery is made in Uganda.

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  1. Really good valid points. Interesting huh?
    If you put in a link to somewhere that mentions the oil being found it will strengthen what you are saying.