Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Basketball 3 day Episode

In this 3 day episode you will learn the fundamental skills and set moves that are used in basketball,
Day 1: Fundamental skill work. Ball handling, shooting drills, passing drills, fastbreak drills, defensive drills, fitness drills (running) before finishing with a skills challenge and a scrimmage in the final period.
Day 2: Basic basketball sets and plays. Work with pick plays, isolation plays, cut plays (Players run fast next to a screen to find an open shot) and working on ways to make your own shot off the dribble or from the post. Lastly, put these skills into practice in the last 50 minutes of third period with a scrimmage.
Day 3: Tournament. Split up into 3-4 teams of 6-8 (depending on numbers) and have a basketball tournament. Each team will play each other once with 20 minute halves on a running clock. 10 minute warm up period before each game, 5 minute half time break. The top 2 teams will advance to the final, where the champion will be crowned, bottom 2 teams (if enough) will play for 3rd place.
Cost: approximately $20 for equipment and coaching.

10 made shots from each spot.

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