Tuesday, 22 May 2012

BNZ Literary Awards

I told him that we shouldn't have gone, it was too late and I knew that the place was locked up for the night. I had seen the gates that afternoon as we came home from the movie theatre. But Daniel insisted, and eventually I gave in and told him that we would go after midnight. We told my parents that we would just play PS3 until we got tired. They just said not to stay up too late, as parents do. After endless free roaming in Saints Row 3, we decided it was time to go. I was still opposed to going, because the pool was about five kilometres away from my house, and I was already tired. But in the end, we made it, it took about an hour to get there and we still had to climb the fence (which was spiked at the top). I don't know why, but I didn't want to get changed outside, it just didn't feel right, so I took my stuff into the changing rooms. A decision I still regret sometimes, as well as not getting changed at home like Daniel did. I stepped into the changing room and immediately something didn't feel right. I took off my shoes and felt something warm and sticky on my feet. I wandered round to find out where it was coming from, and looked down to see two cold, expressionless eyes staring up at me.

Daniel heard me screaming and rushed into the changing room, and slipped over on the blood. He jumped up instantly though, laughing nervously. He looked over at me and saw me pointing, pointing to the lifeless, pale corpse that was once the owner of the pool. Daniel's face completely drained of blood and he fainted. When he came to, about an hour later, we didn't talk, we just stared, hoping that his body would stand itself up and yell at us, tell us to get off his property or something. But he didn't, and he started to smell worse and worse. Finally, Daniel spoke 'What should we do with him?' he asked.
'We do not touch him at all!' I emphasized. 'If we touch him, then we get our fingerprints on him, and then, the cops think it was us, and then we GET PUNISHED!'
'How do you know he was murdered, I mean, he was really old, right? He could have died of natural causes.' Daniel sounded as though he was trying to convince himself. 'Because people dying of natural causes don't make their own pool of blood, in THE CHANGING ROOMS DO THEY?" I screamed.
'So, what do we do?' Daniel asked. I didn't know the answer to that question, do we call 111? Or just leave to go home and let someone else discover it tomorrow? 'I think that we should just go home and pretend that this never happened. Someone else can discover it tomorrow. Okay?' I explained to Daniel. He nodded and we turned around to leave, but we were just about to leave the changing room when we heard someone else climbing the fence, I think he cut himself on it or something, because we heard a loud gravelly voice cursing. I peeked out and saw a masked man wearing black, carrying a bag.

I filled my pants and briefly whispered our situation to Daniel. We would have to try and sneak around into the girls changing room or stand here and make a pathetic attempt at defending ourselves. We went around to the other door of the room, peeked out to see where the killer was, but we couldn't see him. 'Now.' I hissed to Daniel and we leaped out of the door and tiptoed to the girls changing room on the other side of the pool. The killer obviously hadn't seen us and didn't think anyone else was there, because he turned the lights on in the changing room. Daniel had no intentions of staying out though, because he was freaking out, saying that we should just gap it and call the cops. I tried so desperately to calm him down, but it was pointless, he was panicking, and making more and more noise. Eventually I punched him, hoping it would knock him out, but instead he screamed at me 'WHAT THE HELL! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!' Almost instantly, the light in the men's room went out, and Daniel realized what he had just done. He started to cry, and the killer of Mr Jenkins was getting closer and closer. 'This is all your fault, Daniel!' I shouted, not caring what I did anymore. 'If you hadn't been so eager to go swimming at night we wouldn't be here!' The lights came on, and the masked man entered the room. I noticed that the clothing he was wearing looked particularly heavy, and his knife would be a bit of a pest underwater. I hit Daniel on the back and took off, running away from the psychopath. I took off my shirt and dived into the pool, Daniel followed, and so did the killer. We swam right to the end of the pool and jumped out as fast as we could, by which time the killer was in the very middle of the pool. We sprinted flat-out to the fence and clambered over. By the time we were outside the premises the killer was just at the fence. He was furious, so Daniel and I took off for home, so that we could call 111.

I wasn't sure if he followed us home at the time, because we never looked back. I don't think I've ever run so fast in my life, or been as scared as I was that night. After an eternity of running, we made it home, and instantly picked up the phone, and dialed the emergency number. I asked for the Police and gave them a brief overview of what had happened. They said that they would be at the pool as soon as possible. Just as I was about to hang up, I heard a bang on the front door, I didn't want to check what or who it was, but had a gut feeling. I gave the phone lady my address, and she instantly realized what was happening. It took about three minutes for the sirens to come within earshot, and the banging on the door gradually settled down. Mum and Dad finally woke up and rushed out to us to see what was happening, I opened the door and told dad to follow me. I ran absolutely flat out to catch him, and jumped on his back to slow him down, 'TACKLE HIM!' I ordered Dad, he absolutely flattened the criminal, and after half a minute of him struggling, trying to get free, the cops showed up. The killer started swearing repeatedly, and the police handcuffed and arrested him without any hesitation. 

Mr Jenkins' body was found the next day, seeing as he had no family or girlfriend, and was about 75 years old, they just decided to cremate him. As for the killer, he got charged with murder and attempted murder and was sent to jail for 30 years. Mum and Dad were still angry at us for going out swimming so late at night, and Daniel and I got off the hook for trespassing seeing as we did catch a murderer. As for the pool, it became a free public pool, that the council paid for.

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