Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Most Inspiring Teacher

I chose Miss Kelly as my most inspiring teacher because she is never angry and is always calm and relaxed. She assigns us work, and leaves it to us to complete it. I look forward to English lessons because they are always fun and it is a good lesson to start the day or finish the week with. I like her different style of teaching because it means that we are taking responsibility for ourselves by completing the work, and if we don't get it completed it is our own fault because we had plenty of time to do so. However she is not completely oblivious and will help a student if help is needed. She will also tell you to get on with your work but in a calm way without yelling. Miss Kelly can make jokes and is someone that you are able to have a conversation with. She also gives a good amount of homework, never too much to handle like some teachers. Students look forward to her classes because of her different, relaxed style of teaching.

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