Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Book Report Thing

The book that I am reading at the moment is called "The Enemy" and it is written by Charlie Higson. It is a horror book about ZOMBIES. What happens is, a disease strikes England and possibly the rest of the world that turns everyone over the age of 14 into mindless, disgusting, flesh-eating creatures who aimlessly wander the world looking for fresh meat. The kids who are left, have had to fend for themselves for over a year from a supermarket when they decide that enough is enough, and embark on a journey to Buckingham Palace.

If you are easily scared, don't read this book. It is extremely graphic and detailed. There is also a lot of deaths and tragedies in the story. For example, at the very beginning, a little kid named Sam, who is only 7 years old is snatched away by the zombies while he was playing behind the supermarket in which the kids live. The book is gruesome, very scary and leaves very little to the imagination. In other words, it goes into deep, deep detail when people are dying.

I would not recommend this book to anyone under 13 because it will keep young people awake at night. Not because the book is so good and will make them want to read more (which it will) it will keep them awake because they will be so scared that the zombies are going to get them, and each little noise that they hear will make them soil themselves a little bit.

In conclusion, The Enemy is a very good book. It has a great storyline, is very detailed and would make an amazing horror movie (which would most likely be R16.) If you want to be scared more than the "Scary" videogame Slender, read this book.

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